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It’s about time right?! We finally joined Pinterest instead of pinning DIY and fun home stuff on our personal accounts. Join us on there if you’re looking to get a quick fix of amazing interiors, DIY articles, and project ideas.

So far we’ve started a few boards for dining nooks, DIY, creative chairs, the bedroom, family rooms, and screened in porches/sunrooms. We’ll be adding more boards as we go, with pins from a wide variety of sites.

Hope to see you there!

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Happy Halloween from CondoSwag!

It’s that time of year when the ghosts come out and the zombies run amok. Oh yeah, and the time when we decorate for Halloween so our homes have that warm, cozy and creepy feeling.

Happy Halloween from CondoSwag! We’re decorating with yummy Pumpkin Spice candles, orange tealights and a basket with a really icky looking spider in it.

How are you decorating your home for Halloween? Send us on over your pictures and we’ll share them. :)

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Hack: IKEA Expedit Shelf

You may recall in an older post that I mentioned another IKEA hack we did. You’ll also see the furniture before we decided to DIY it. For this one, we really wanted a centerpiece area that we could put some wine glasses on and some artwork… as well as candles, because we at CondoSWAG have quite the candle obsession.

It’s not really intended to hold anything else(the clutter would drive me nuts since it’s technically a shelf) so we wanted to keep it nice and clean- definitely form over function this time.

First, we picked up an Expedit bookcase from IKEA (Doberman not included).

This was actually attached to one of our desks (also from IKEA) but there was too much going on there so we decided to separate them. For those who didn’t click over to the old post, here’s a picture of it once we stopped using it in the office, and put the TV on it (before our focal wall mount). Normally it stands up straight. Here, it’s sideways (just in case you didn’t check the link).

We picked up little tiny legs from IKEA called Capita legs ($12 for a 4 pack) and screwed them into each end of the Expedit bookcase.

We put some wood glue where the legs attached just to make sure it was secure if we decided to move it around. Note: we’re getting hard wood installed soon! Goodbye gross carpet.

It’s a nice little piece that also doubles as a table to put food on if you’re serving it. Kind of like a food bar. :) Anyway! Here’s the final result (different shot than the first).



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Little Yellow Metal Kettle

Oh yellow kettle. You may be wondering how this pretty little pastel teapot became the face of condoSWAG. Well, it’s simply. It’s the first item that we bought/fell in love with for the condo.

They actually came in quite an array of colors- pastel green, blue, white… but since our kitchen is a brownish grey, the surrounding walls are a pastel green, and furniture and counters are black, it only made sense to go with… well. Yellow.

I would link you to the store, but I found it in HomeGoods and unfortunately their site doesn’t have products, as they change from delivery to delivery. But, go searchyour HomeGoods. I’m sure there’s a little metal kettle waiting for you.


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