Ekenas Hack- ‘As is’ Section

So we ventured into IKEA today for no good reason at all. After looking through all the setups and figuring out what we’re going to pick up to redo the kitchen and bathrooms (which of course will be shared here), we went down to the bottom and perused the “as is” section.

If you don’t go to IKEA much you may not know this exists, but the ‘as is’ section can be a real goldmine. You may remember the focal wall that we built to mount our TV on. We actually found that brand spankin’ piece of butcher block in the ‘as is’ section with not a scrape on it.

So today, we found ourselves in there. There weren’t any ridiculously good deals that we could see, so we started walking out when we saw… a really cute dark brown Ekenas chair.

Ekenas Chair For anyone who is afraid of doing a little fixing, this probably won’t be something that you’re interested in. This was listed as ‘new’ on IKEA so my guess is that when it got shipped in, they accidentally cut the top with the box cutter when they were pulling them out for delivery.

Mind you- this was a $300 dollar chair. That was in the ‘as is’ section for $50. Here’s a before:

Since we don’t currently have a sitting area to read in the office (and only our huge desk setups) we thought it would be nice to take this in and spend a small amount of time stitching up the box-cutter wound. Other customers sang their praises on how smart of a move it was, considering the price, as we walked out. True story.

We also picked up a nice white throw and a colorful pillow (the Vilmie Ruta cushion) to spruce it up a bit.

Vilmie Rita cushion

Once we got it home, we found the perfect space for it. The brown goes great with the soft light green walls we have.

When all was said and done, we found a killer deal in the ‘as is’ section which will only take a minimal amount of love to be perfect, a throw, and a colorful pillow all for $67. I’d say that was a well spent Swag Saturday. :)

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Ikea Vika Amon and Utby Desk Hack

We decided to revamp the other day since a lot of time is spent in here. Previously, we had the double black Ikea desk setup – nothing special.

If you’re interested in seeing the before:

Because we needed more table space to get down and productive, we decided to mix and match some pieces from Ikea in true hack fashion.

First we picked up 2 of the Vika Amon tabletops. It’s a nice pine wood (it smells awesome too) with some knots and character :)

The picture above doesn’t do it justice, but just wanted to give you a visual.

After we picked up the top (for $40) we looked through the store to find something that wasn’t your typical desk legs. We decided to use a stainless steel Utby underframe ($90) that was supposed to be used for a bar table.

It was actually pretty annoying because we got everything assembled only to realize that we were about 3 inches off from having both desks fit snugly against our office wall. We ended up sawing off those two inches and here’s the fina result:

It makes the office feel way more open and we have a lot of extra desk real estate so we’re not confined to teeny tiny little table tops. What do you think? Do you prefer the old setup or the new setup?

Don’t let the lighting sway your feelings towards one or the other :) The first one is very cozy and awesome feeling.

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