Saturday Brunch Links- DIY Extravaganza

Hello everyone! It’s been a great week filled with tons of awesome posts, items and articles from around the interwebs. I actually was out in LA 2 weeks ago so I’m STILL catching myself up on everything- my reader is bursting. I wanted to share some stuff that I found so far.

Hopefully you’ll like it… if not, you can burn my blog down. :)

34 DIY Headboard Ideas

YEAH! One of our missions this year is to make a DIY headboard. We have a Tempurpedic bed, so naturally the frame didn’t come with any kind of useful headboard. Since we bought a california king (Don’t ever do that by the way. Just don’t) there’s no headboard that actually fits our bed correctly. I personally like the fabric headboard they have there, but I’d want to starch it and have it posted up on an actual physical, oversized and rectangular headboard so it wasn’t hanging out all by itself.


So here’s something fun DIY headboards from for you to check out during your Saturday brunch/coffee hours. :)

DIY Mirror Frames

This is another thing on our list for the year. I know, I keep saying that, but it’s true. There’s something about the look of a framed mirror that’s elegant, timeless, yet modern. If you already have a gigantic mirror in your bathroom like we do, it’s probably not worth getting rid of it and buying an already constructed, framed mirror. We looked around and even in HomeGoods they’ll run you between $100-$200 for something big enough for the bathroom.


This DIY tutorial for framing mirrors from the Southern Hospitality blog allows you to keep your existing mirror and pretty it up.

Muvom Storage System

Okay, this thing is pretty great. I’ve seen IKEA Hacks where you can take the expedit shelving and mount it on the wall for a floating shelf system, but this is extremely tasteful and customizable so you can set it up in a way that fits your decorating needs. Muvom has created a pretty neat, rearrangeable product so you’re not consistently sick of whatever it is you put in your tiny house. Or maybe I’m just ADD and like to move things around a lot.


Shoebox Dwelling put up some images of it- the Muvom site is a little weird/confusing (and not in english) so finding something good in there was pretty difficult.


DIY Polka Dot Rug


Everyone wants a DIY polka dot rug that you can play twister on :) Even if you don’t want polka dots, this is a great DIY post on A Beautiful Mess that’ll help you customize any rug you might have with a particular design you like. I actually like the black polka dots on a white rug, but my head is spinning with a bunch of different ideas now…

DIY Office Labels

I’m a label freak, meaning, if I could label my dog I probably would.

7th House on the Left put together a quick post with some Martha Stewart office labels. I actually didn’t know she had her own line (I don’t like her… don’t ask) but if these are in her office line then I may have to disguise myself and check out some of her products…

Well, I’m off. The Doberman is whining (which doesn’t really surprise me at 11:20 am on a Saturday morning when I’m trying to enjoy my coffee). Enjoy your Saturday and go make a headboard. :)

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Saturday Brunch Links

Hello! We hope you’re having a great Saturday. It’s sunny here in good ol’ Tampa but it looks like a storm is going to roll in later this afternoon… that’s okay though. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book or blog during a crazy Florida storm. Except for doing that with a huge cup of coffee. :)

Every Saturday we’re going to bring you some interesting reads from throughout the week. We’ll start small (2-3) and if you’re interested in more just give us a shout. So without further ado…

Small Cool 2012

This isn’t exactly a read, but if you’re looking for some small space inspiration to stare at, this is certainly the place to find it. The contest has been going on for a little while now, and there’s a slew of new submissions to peruse through. We’re suckers for big windows here (probably because our condo is lacking any kind of good outside view) so Brian’s Glass Wall really caught our eye.

(image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Imagine having that awesome window to stare through while sipping a delicious cup of coffee… mmmmm.

But, I digress. Hop over and check some of these entries out yourself. They should you a good amount of rooms per unit, along with the square footage of each so you can look at something comparable to your tiny piece of heaven. What’s your favorite one so far?

Dealing with Closet Clutter- Spring Cleaning

Over the past year or so I’ve been reading a terrific blog called Young House Love. I came across it by accident when working on some DIY stuff for the condo. The reason I love their blog is because it’s real. Meaning, we can relate to them because we’re a young (newly engaged as of last weekend!) couple in their first place trying to make it something special. Even though they’ve moved onto a second home now, they share a lot of great DIY tips that aren’t ridiculously expensive.

If you’re looking to rehab an existing closet that’s been taken over by everything, check out this post that runs through a small closet makeover. I promise you’ll love it.

Image credit: Young House Love

We’re definitely terrible at this. We actually just started working on tackling individual closets throughout the condo. You may remember when we picked up this little chair and decided to rehab it from Ikea. Well, that actually ended up in a closet that we turned into a nook. We haven’t posted it up yet (I actually just realized it because I went searching for the post to share) but we’ll start taking some pictures and writing it up in a little bit. Anyway, that closet in particular was practically killing us with clutter. We keep all the boxes from our mac products (believe it or not, it ups the resell value because people love their original boxes….) and things were getting out of control.

Not to mention, I have yet to get something small to scan in little things like vet bills and insurance stuff, so that was threatening the whole livelihood of our nook. We managed to wrangle it in while we contemplate how we want to renovate the remaining portion of the closet. Sometimes a little wicker basket with pretty lining is all you need to do the trick.

10 Delicious Puff Pastry Delights

Okay. This definitely isn’t home decorating related but I couldn’t help myself. I was getting hungry just looking at these. The nutella puff pastry is definitely the best looking out of all of them… then again, I’m a huge nutella junkie so I guess I’m somewhat biased in that opinion.

Who says you have to eat healthy tonight? I know the whole entire world is dieting right now (or it seems like it, anyway) but who the hell cares.


So that’s it for our first edition of Saturday brunch links. We should probably get on putting up pictures of the closet nook now…

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