Home Projects

We never did this from the start (since we were a pretty small site last year) but as we add new projects, it’ll be nice to have one central place for you to come find them.


We spend the majority of our time in the office, so it’s always the first place to start cozying up.

  • Rehabbing furniture for the office– Ekenas Hack- We found this in the ‘As is’ section of Ikea and decided to rehab its poor little torn soul and create a new sitting area in our office.
  • Merging two desks into one– We originally had two individual desks because we lived in a house that had a much larger office before. We decided to get rid of the two individual desks and merge them into one DIY desk using a kitchen table frame and large piece of real wood.


Lighting makes all the difference. Seriously. Any kind of yellow light is not allowed in the condo.

  • Multi-color Dudero light hack– We thought it would be fun to have a disco party in our office.
  • Track light installation– We had a small part of the ceiling in the office that dropped down, so we hooked up floating track lights to ad some ambiance to the place we spend the majority of our time in.


This stuff is a little tricker- especially the focal wall. We managed to do the focal wall with the help of someone experienced, but it can definitely be done with two people.

Vizio HD speaker bar hack– We found an awesome speaker bar on discount and (naturally) made it into a DIY project to have it merged seamlessly with our flat screen.

Focal wall and TV mount– We created a DIY focal wall with butcher block that we picked up. It’s definitely not done. There are some plans for a fireplace in the future… :)

 Art & Decorations

A collection of random things we pickup to decorate. Some are bought, and some are DIY.

Cherry blossom painting and weird abstract art– We picked these up from HomeGoods.

Recycling candles– Recycling finished candles into window sill decorations

Ryan Fowler’s black dog art– we picked this up for the bedroom to add to the “snowish” feel we have going on.


Martini Barstools– this was actually one of our first purchases so we could eat breakfast at the “bar”… Shane always laughs at me when I say Bar cause it’s not really one…

Ikea Expedit shelf hack– We originally had this piece because it was attached to those desks that we ended up getting rid of. We didn’t want to use it as a normal shelf, so we turned it into a decorative piece to hold pictures, wine glasses, and an art sculpture.

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