Abstract Artwork

This is some swag we’ve been sitting on for a while. Once we got our Cherry Blossom artwork, we decided we needed something else that would compliment the colors of the room. As I said before, we do have some darker accent walls in the condo, as well as some light greens.

We found this in HomeGoods (you will hear this often, as it’s less than 2 miles away) and had to pick it up. There’s tons of new stuff we found, but I’ll update if/when we buy them. Sorry for the quality, I tried to get this a few times but couldn’t focus properly.

This one was only $49.95, and it’s also a canvas reprint. I have no idea what it is, just some abstract pretty blues, light greens and whites. Goes with everything so perfectly.

Here’s a picture of the two paintings together in the dining area. Again… this picture is really not the greatest quality. Apparently condoSWAG needs to use something other than an iPhone :) You’ll be able to tell how large the artwork is in comparison to the wine rack we have.


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