Cherry Blossom Artwork

Hi. We has new condo swag. :)

We found this pretty awesome artwork of a cherry blossom painting that was reprinted directly on canvas. It’s full of rich reds, whites, browns with a little splash of yellow. I really love the purpley hue in the background and it compliments the color of our walls and ties in everything.

We found this in HomeGoods for $59.00. I’m sure you’re glad I told you that but I’m also sure you’ll probably think it’s useless since no two HomeGoods carry the same items. A little cruel of me, right?

Maybe you can make a HomeGoods scavenger hunt out of it. :)

Thoughts on this? Are the colors too rich for your taste?







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Little Yellow Metal Kettle

Oh yellow kettle. You may be wondering how this pretty little pastel teapot became the face of condoSWAG. Well, it’s simply. It’s the first item that we bought/fell in love with for the condo.

They actually came in quite an array of colors- pastel green, blue, white… but since our kitchen is a brownish grey, the surrounding walls are a pastel green, and furniture and counters are black, it only made sense to go with… well. Yellow.

I would link you to the store, but I found it in HomeGoods and unfortunately their site doesn’t have products, as they change from delivery to delivery. But, go searchyour HomeGoods. I’m sure there’s a little metal kettle waiting for you.


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