TERMOSFAR Series Track Light Installation


We’ve been working on tackling the office and getting some nice things installed. The office is probably the second most used room in the condo so it’s super important that it’s comfortable. We picked up a set of TERMOSFAR low-voltage lights and manually installed them. This was tricky because we actually had to wire the electric in for this- there are also 2 hidden hacks here, which I’ll get to.

Here’s hack #1… when we installed them, we actually used these hooks from IKEA that didn’t originally come with them. Since we have an angled drop down wall over our desks, it allowed us to pull them tight to fit the angular direction.

Once we hung the hooks we started arranging the lights that come along the wire. There were 5 to spread out down the wall.


THEN we hooked it up to the little disco ball looking thing to transmit the electricity (sorry, the name is seriously failing me right now and the IKEA page doesn’t call it anything in particular either).

Once this was all hooked up we plugged it into wall and it was all set to go. It gives the office this really ambient and relaxing feeling which I LOVE. We installed them rather close to the walls so we got the nice drop shadows that remind me of water reflections or curtains slowly tumbling down the wall. ZEN.

Oh yeah. What was hack #2 you say?

Well originally, the lights would have to be wired right into the wall, without any external way to control them from right by the desk. We decided to install a switch, which we took from one of the IKEA Dudero floor lamps we have (that we really don’t use… and it’s pretty anyway so it can be there without acting like a lamp).

Interested in seeing some more pics? Here are some other full size ones so you can really feel the atmosphere.

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