Who are we?

CondoSWAG started out as something small, and simple. We lucked out by finding an amazing steal for our first big purchase together, and we’re hell-bent on customizing everything which we weren’t able to do when we were renting before. It also happens to be a place where memories are made and time is spent- which is why we want to make it special.

Our condo weighs in at a pint-sized 1000 square feet… and it has to fit two people and an 80 pound Doberman. A lovable bundle of fur and claws who pretty much owns this whole entire condo, including our king size bed. But I digress…

Moving from a house to a condo was a pretty big transition, and I like to call it both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because… well, we found out that the Florida heat will pretty much kill you when you have to mow your own lawn in the dead of summer. Luckily, the HOA takes care of that here. And a curse because we’re stuck with a few hundred square feet less of room than we’re typically used to.  With that, we’re forced to get creative, which is what CondoSWAG.com is all about. Join us in our journey of turning a small house into a creative and cozy home on a budget.

Our hope is that you’ll find tips or decorating tricks here that inspire you, so we can help you get creative and have some fun without burning a hole in your pocket (or catching anything on fire).

We’re also involved in a website called “Skin Spa Bath“, which will essentially be filled with resources that will help you relax and enjoy life while you make your home as cozy as can be.

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