Ryan Fowler Black Dog Skii

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It’s been a while since we’ve posted a painting that we’ve picked up from HomeGoods. I think this one is worthy of sharing because 1) I love the white stroke around the Black Dog headline and 2) I like to imagine our very uncoordinated dog, that likes to box people and small animals with her paws, skiing down a really snowy, wintery slope.

Even though she would be snowboarding if she was really my dog…

Sorry for the bad quality here but there was a lamp reflecting off the print because it’s slightly shiny. It’s a fantastical one by Ryan Fowler– you can check out his website for customized designs/prints with a bunch of other ones just like this.

Since we have a winter theme going on in the master bedroom, it’s likely we’ll pick up the polar bear print too. 🙂

Polar Bear- Ryan Fowler


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