And by team CondoSWAG, I mean myself because the Doberman doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this message isn’t a by-product of her creepy human-like skills…

Anyway, looks like it’s just me and you.

Things have been insanely quiet over here in the condo, which is why you haven’t seen very many updates. We do have one pending post that we’ll be launching soon where we share a project we did a few weeks ago that has a fun trick to give you the illusion of high ceilings. That post is coming, I promise. In other news, we’ve been surviving off using the iPhone for blog post images (ask me how that’s going- go ahead, I dare you…) which has been putting a damper on the quality and frequency of project sharing and posting. WELLLLL… in the interest of not being ghetto-fab and actually moving towards higher quality posts, I’ve put in an order for an awesome Canon camera that will be in this week.

Now you’ll actually be able to see all the blemishes and work-in-progress areas of the condo 😉

So BE EXCITED! We are. We got a quote on some really beautiful hand scraped Bamboo hard wood floors that we hope to install soon, and intend on painting sometime in the next month. I hope you’re looking forward to some inside peeks soon.

On that note, I wanted to post up some pictures of the condo when it’s not all pretty-fied for a picture and we’re just hanging around. Here are some shots for normal-condo. 🙂

The dobe staring out the window while we’re under tornado warnings… pillows and blankets are haphazardly strewn about and I’m sure there’s about 5 of her gnaw-bones hanging around past the ottoman. Oh, and she also has a sock in her mouth. She’s pretty much a terror on stormy days.

Then we have the dining area (that we don’t use) with some shirts drying on the barstools (have I mentioned how much I hate clothes that can’t be thrown in the dryer because the tag says so?!) along with this amazing red and circular IKEA lamp that we purchased. It was being discontinued so we got $15 off. The picture doesn’t do it justice (BUT THE NEW CAMERA WILL!).


And there you have it. Some random CondoSWAG shots. We’re a little messy sometimes. Sorry about that. 🙂

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