Everyone loves a comfortable chair…  and is probably sick of your traditional “armchair.” The Wingback chair is an especially stylistic chair to own and enjoy if you’re not afraid to wear it in. It dates back to the 1600s (supposedly) and has revived in popularity over the past year, like many retro/modern styles. This “once considered royal” piece of furniture can merge ‘modern’ with classy.

Recent updates include vibrant  colors, bold patterns and even a repurposing of the vintage style from England.

Some examples for your viewing pleasure…

The interesting thing about the “wingback chair” is, it isn’t one that you would traditionally house in a dining room setting for guests to sit on. If your family is anything like mine, they’ll probably exist in a “living room” somewhere that noone ever goes in, with a grand piano that is functional but just there to look pretty.

Are you planning on picking up one of these? We may actually outfit our office with and actually make it functional. I’m kinda falling in love with the style…

Do you like this retro-modern throwback? What’s your favorite style?

2 responses to “Everyone’s Favorite… the Wingback Chair”

  1. Fox Avatar

    Some of these in chrome or brushed stainless with some black cushions would be really cool for the modern office or kitchen, as well.
    Hmm…maybe I’ll do that.

    1. Selena Avatar

      It could replace the “guest couch” that a lot of offices tend to have in them. Not just about the chrome, but I think the brushed stainless or brushed black aluminum would be awesome looking!

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