You may recall in an older post that I mentioned another IKEA hack we did. You’ll also see the furniture before we decided to DIY it. For this one, we really wanted a centerpiece area that we could put some wine glasses on and some artwork… as well as candles, because we at CondoSWAG have quite the candle obsession.

It’s not really intended to hold anything else(the clutter would drive me nuts since it’s technically a shelf) so we wanted to keep it nice and clean- definitely form over function this time.

First, we picked up an Expedit bookcase from IKEA (Doberman not included).

This was actually attached to one of our desks (also from IKEA) but there was too much going on there so we decided to separate them. For those who didn’t click over to the old post, here’s a picture of it once we stopped using it in the office, and put the TV on it (before our focal wall mount). Normally it stands up straight. Here, it’s sideways (just in case you didn’t check the link).

We picked up little tiny legs from IKEA called Capita legs ($12 for a 4 pack) and screwed them into each end of the Expedit bookcase.

We put some wood glue where the legs attached just to make sure it was secure if we decided to move it around. Note: we’re getting hard wood installed soon! Goodbye gross carpet.

It’s a nice little piece that also doubles as a table to put food on if you’re serving it. Kind of like a food bar. 🙂 Anyway! Here’s the final result (different shot than the first).



8 responses to “Hack: IKEA Expedit Shelf”

  1. Cory Avatar

    You seems to be an expert in this field, great article and keep up the good work, my friend recommended me this.

  2. islandartiste Avatar

    Sweet job. I didn’t know Ikea sold legs. Now I do. Perfect!
    Learn something new everyday

    1. admin Avatar

      They do! They have a whole section for legs so you can mix and match. 🙂

    2. CondoSWAG Avatar

      They sell tons of legs, even solo desk legs. They’re not too expensive either… they typically range from a few dollars to less than 10.

  3. Jamie Avatar

    I was wondering how long the screws were that you used. I am wanting to put some coat hangers on the side of the expedit for my purse keys etc and was wondering if the screws held well? It sounds hollow, so I was unsure?

    1. SVN Avatar

      The screws hold very well, we haven’t had a problem with them- especially supporting the brunt of the shelf.

      The screws we used were about an inch long if I remember correctly. Good luck! Let us know if you end up putting the hangers up. That’s actually a really good idea for purses/keys 🙂

  4. Dominique Avatar

    I want to do this with a white Expedit. Two questions for you:
    1) what length of leg did you use? Ikea here in Canada has 4, 6, or 8 inch Capita legs.
    2) how well do you think this would hold if I filled the shelf with books? Should I use 6 legs in your opinion?


    1. CondoSWAG Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1) The length that we used were 8 inch legs so it had a nice clearance below it. The other ones looked a little too low.
      2) I think it would hold fine, we had some pretty heavy things on ours. 6 legs wouldn’t hurt, and would probably be smart to do if you’re planning on loading it up with books :)My advice would be to not only use screws with the legs, but also coat it with a layer of Gorilla glue. It makes it pretty tough to get the legs off, but also reinforces them.

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