Welcome back! I DO have a [rather large] list of swag to post up, so I’ll start with the new speaker bar that we installed.

The other day we went over to CompUSA (yes, it still exists down here) and managed to snag an awesome Vizio VSB200 HD speaker bar for only $69.

We had to get kind of DIY-ish with this because, as you know, we put in the custom focal wall TV mount a few weeks ago. We also picked up some Denka Curtain Wires from IKEA– and as I’m sure you deduced, they’re really for hanging curtains.

So why do we need these for a speaker bar, you ask? We decided to get creative.

We couldn’t necessarily mount the speaker bar directly to the butcher block that we hacked for our focal wall (because the place where the brackets secured wasn’t the right length) so we had to find some way to get around it.

We took the Denka Curtain Wires and mounted that directly to the butcher block. From there, we ran the curtain wire through the brackets and fastened it on the other side (by mounting the other Denka Curtain Wire piece).

To do this though, we had to take the TV off the mount. It was so tight that we couldn’t shimmy it in without the extra leeway. That’s a sign of a good DIY project- when all the pieces fit perfectly together.

Aaaaaand…. VOILA! The final result. That didn’t result in fingers getting cut off, or holes in the wall. I give us a +1 for this. 🙂

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