Oh heyyyyyyy! Wow. It’s been a minute, right? The last time I posted was back in… 2013?!

*hangs head in shame*

Alas, this isn’t really a *true* return (don’t call it a comeback) but I DID want to pop back in here and let you know 1) I’m alive and haven’t been eaten by LA hipsterzombiez and 2) what’s been up in the city of angels. First off, this palm tree is an accurate depiction of my current status. You may NOT pay your respects… know why? Because there was a spider living in this that jumped out when I went to take a picture of it.

You should probably pay your respects to the spider. RIP. ??

palm tree death

I guess my first update should be that I’m a professional spider killer. Certified by the state.

We moved to Los Angeles right around the time we stopped having time to contribute more DIY and swag-ness to the blog. I think about this blog all the time, even though in its mind it’s probably suffering from unrequited love. I REQUITE IT! I DO. I PROMISE!

As a longshortlong story, we’ve moved a ton of different times since making the cross-country move — the first involving a condo purchase which we sadly didn’t swag up AT ALL outside of painting and a few other *yawn* boring upgrades. We moved out of that condo and decided to keep it as a rental property, so now we’ve really just been focused on throwing shit out, becoming more minimal, and of COURSE, less DIY because we weren’t sure if what we created would go with the style of the next place we rent (or eventually buy again).

I think… dare I say… I may be in a place where I can update this more frequently than once in 5 years. I definitely shy away from stating that as a promise (let’s be real, my track record has been pretty shady in the posting frequency department) but I DO know that I’m hoping to transform this little Los Angeles condo into something that’s CondoSWAG worthy.

Consider this pseudo-resurrected! BWAHAHAHAHA. ?





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