And, we’re back. It’s been some time but we’ve had an IKEA hack on the back-burner that we’ve been dying to share.

We want to show you the love child of Ikea’s Multi-Color Dioder:

and the Dudero Floor lamp:

The whole inspiration for this hack was due to the fact that the puppy killed our lamp by gnawing on the wire. We decided to bring our dead lamp back to life and fix the wiring up.

We also wanted to keep the office from being too boring (hence why we installed the Termosfar track lights)

First we made sure to remove the regular light bulbs that were in the Dudero. Once we removed the lightbulbs, we took the Dioders and used electrical tape to wrap it up 360 degrees around the inside pole.

Then we used that wire and switch and got rid of the chewed up original wire. Now we have a party. 🙂

With this setup, you can either have it stay on one color (and flip through them) or just let it go all out and rotate through the colors. You’ll feel like you’re living in a disco… I haven’t established it as a bad thing. 🙂

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