Three candles

Candle fanatics. You’d probably be safe in assigning that nickname to us here at CondoSWAG. When we go candle shopping, we’ll usually supplement the bigger candles with tons of little TINDRA scented candles from IKEA. They’re relatively cheap (compared to getting something of the same size at Yankee Candle) so you can pick up a few at a time. Our favorite? The vanilla.

Tindra ikea candle

When you burn candles ALL THE TIME, you end up with a graveyard of candles that are 1/8th of the way full and try to scream when you throw them out. That’s why we decided to start recycling them and making them into decorative desk and window sill peices.

I’m sure you’ve seen the sad scenario below. Womp womp. Game over, right? Wrong.

Empty TINDRA ikea candle

One easy way to recycle these candle holders is to melt all the wax out of them and shine them up. If you run them under extremely hot water and get a scrub brush, you can effectively get all of the wax out from the candle holder, leaving you with a nice shiny set like below:

Three candles

IKEA has a ton of decorative things you can put in these- we picked up some white and blue pebbles (there were other colors as well) but I haven’t been able to find them again on their website. There’s other decorative stuff like yummy smelling potpourri you can always pick up in store. Or, you can just go somewhere else. There’s tons of places that sell the fillers.

Once we picked up a decently hefty bag of pebbles, we filled it up halfway so it looked like this:

Tindra ikea candle with pebbles

Aaaaaaand VOILA! You have pretty (and possibly delicious smelling) decorative pieces made from recycled candles for only a few bucks. The nice thing about buying the fillers for these glasses is that one bag of pebbles or potpourri will be enough to fill up quite a few candles. The final result?

window sill candle decorations

We have a few other (functional) tricks up our sleeves for recycled candles but we’ll leave that for next time. Do you recycle your candles? What do you end up turning them into?

Do you go the decorative route, or the functional route?

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