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condoSWAG was essentially started to be something for young professionals to reference as they’re getting into their first place- namely, a condo.

Home ownership takes a lot out of you with all the landscaping… things that can go wrong that you have to fix… leaks… weird things in the attic (don’t ask)… so, as a first purchase, we decided that it would be a condo. Low maintenance, easy to take care of, decent size (~1000 square feet) with just enough of everything we need, without the house hassles.

Buying a condo after renting houses is kind of a culture shock, but we’re finding ways to awesome-ize the condo and make it our own. Who says that a small(er) space can’t be amazingly decorated? Not us- that’s for sure.

So for anybody who’s looking for some fun, classy and modern ways to decorate- condoSWAG is probably where you’ll find this. We’ll also be doing giveaways every now and then so you may want to find your stalking goggles.

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